Former Zynga executive joins Kongregate to head mobile games unit

Kongregate moves into mobile gaming with $10m development fund initiative

The popular online gaming platform has announced that it will help independent developers succeed in the free-to-play mobile arena.

Backed by its parent company GameStop, the $10 million initiative will offer distribution, financial assistance, consulting services and marketing support.

Former Zynga general manager Panayoti (Pany) Haritatos has been hired as vice president of the new mobile division and will lead Kongregate’s in-house game development as well as oversee the company’s mobile games unit.

“Developers are increasingly finding it harder to get their games discovered through the different app stores,” said Pany Haritatos, vice president, Kongregate mobile. “I personally faced these challenges in 2009 while managing my own game studio. Utilising the Kongregate platform made my games successful, which ultimately led to my studio being acquired by Zynga.”

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