Whilst iPhone users seem to splurge on their plans, Android users are found to be much more mindful of their minutes

iPhone owners drum up biggest bills

Surprise, surprise. A new report has revealed that iPhone users are responsible for the highest phone bills, beating users of rival smartphones by a large margin.

The report compiled by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners found that 60 per cent of iPhone users polled spent over $100 per month on their mobile plans, whilst ten per cent admitted to running up bills over $200.

Just six per cent of iPhone users spent under $50 on their services. In comparison, twelve per cent of Android users queried spent below the $50 mark.

The findings of the report will be unsurprising to most, iPhone owners especially.

Whilst the report failed to mention what caused the increased costs for iPhone users, the devices are typically sold on higher priced cellular plans to begin with, without factoring in subsided costs of the handset itself per month.

So, are Android users more mindful of their data plans than their iPhone using neighbours, or is it safe to

Whether its the notion that Android are more mindful of their data plans than their iPhone using neighbours, or the idea that Android is simply viewed as the cheaper brand, it would seem that prospective smartphone buyers on a budget should stick with Android.

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