PC Pal's Jat Mann offers up branding tips for your business

Better Business: Branding is key

In the first of a regular column, Jat Mann offers his tips on using branding to attract business…

One thing I’ve noticed time and time again over many years is how little attention some IT companies pay to their branding. It is often the smaller IT support companies that fall into the trap of using clipart images in their logos or IT jargon in their company names.

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, and this is certainly the case when it comes to branding and logos. In most cases, the first thing a customer will see (whether residential or company) is your logo or company name. What impression of your company will get conjured up in the customers mind from your visual identity? Will they think you are professional, trustworthy, reliable, honest etc?

Will they actually think you are a cheap, fly-by-night, part-time business that operates in the shadows of the law?

Now there is nothing wrong with coming across as a cheap, budget-end company if that is what you feel would attract your target customer base. But, I know most reputable IT companies take pride in their work and services. So wouldn’t you want to attract the customers that purchase on perceived value, rather than just price?

How is value perceived? In most cases, it’s by the impression your brand gives them.

My three tips for branding would be to keep it simple and clean, use imagery that is memorable (for the right reasons) and use these consistently throughout all of your marketing and communication material.

To me, branding is absolutely key in attracting the right customers, but it’s only one important part of the formula.

Jat Mann is MD of www.PCPal.co.uk. You can contact him on jat@pcpal.co.uk

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