Greg Lockley highlights the benefits of promotions such as Nvidia's 'Gear up, Game on' for both retailers and consumers alike

Opinion: Why bundling the latest games with hardware is a win-win situation

I’m going to start out by saying that I absolutely love the idea of bundling the latest games with high-performance hardware, plain and simple.

I should also mention that I recently purchased one for myself as part of my newly built gaming PC. However, this is just part of my gusto for the concept.

First and foremost, common sense tells us that most of us upgrade our systems components in order to increase performance. Whilst there are many reasons for doing just that, those of us still clinging to our faithful desktop towers in the face of a tablet takeover will cite gaming as the number one reason for sinking more money into our pride and joys.

With this in mind, promotions such as Nvidia’s ‘Gear up, Game on’ make perfect sense – incentivise a product with something that its target audience will likely have an interest in already. I’ll be the first to admit that I fell ‘victim’ to this, going with the shiny piece of kit that gave me a game that I already planned on buying as part of the deal.

It’s not just gamers benefitting though, far from it. Retailers, resellers and distributors listen close as these bundles could be a saving grace. It’s no secret that software is struggling and retailers are finding it difficult to see the benefits. So why not use them to drive sales of another product area?

With the abundance of gaming hardware now available – both components and peripherals sellers can make it easy for their customers by bundling these products with games titles that they are likely to be more familiar with and make the process of buying new hardware a little less daunting.

Much of the hardware included as part of these collections is designed to offer optimal performance with the games they are bundled with. If a customer isn’t hardware-savvy, they’re far more likely to identify a product based on the chart-topper it’s supplied with and will make the purchase in confidence knowing it will perform exactly how they want it to.

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