A roundup of some of the most memorable stories from 2012

PCR top stories of the year

With 2013 closely approaching, the PCR team has decided to take a look at back at the tech news highlights of the year.

Here’s our pick of some of our favourite and most popular stories that have appeared on PCR throughout 2012.

Woman duped in to buying ‘iPad’ that’s really a mirror

In November, an American woman bought an iPad from a man at a Texas petrol station for $200 – It turned out to be a mirror.

Maybe she should of put some lenses in her spectacles…

Samsung Canada surprises Galaxy S3 fan with custom dragon phone

In August one lucky Samsung fan received a free customised Galaxy S3 after amusing the company with a drawing of a cute dragon going ‘RAWR’.

According to reports, this is the most exciting thing to happen in Canada.

Microsoft changes logo for first time in 25 years

August also saw Microsoft unveil a new logo for the first time in 25 years.

The video released by the Microsoft shows each part of the new symbol relating to a part of the company, with blue representing Windows, red being Office, green being Xbox and yellow as…umm, well it appears Microsoft couldn’t think of anything for yellow so it just decided to skip it and hope no one noticed…

iPhone 5 is for old people and idiots, according to the new Samsung Galaxy S3 ad


This year has seen a mighty battle take place between Apple and Samsung, as well as attempting to sue the hell out of each other, both companies also chose to poke fun at one another in their TV adverts.

Here’s Samsung showing you all how desperately un-hip hipsters are:

Jeff Daniels voices latest iPhone 5 ads; Apple hits back at Samsung


Did you really think Apple was going to sit back and let Samsung poke fun at its fanboys? Oh no, Apple ‘got them back’ by hiring Jeff Daniels to mock people with tiny thumbs…


Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘explodes’ in Ireland

As if being sued to pieces by Apple wasn’t enough for Samsung in 2012, a report of an exploding Galaxy S3 swept across the internet in June.

Luckily for Samsung, it turned out that the phone in question had actually been microwaved.

First ever Intel-powered smartphone launched by Orange

This year saw the first ever smartphone powered by Intel Inside.

The San Diego features HD video, 1080p video capture, image stabilisation and HDMI out. The handset has a built in 8mp camera featuring ‘Burst’ mode, which enables users to take ten pictures in under a second. Also included is a 4.03-inch display, A-GPS and Bluetooth 2.1.

Comet: The timeline of its rise and fall

One of the biggest stories to happen this year has been the demise of Comet. As we wave the company off into retail heaven, here’s a look at the timeline for the chain of electrical stores.

2012 has been an exciting year, let’s hope for more explosions, downfalls, dragons and lens-less glasses in 2013.

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