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This month's anonymous ranter tells you to stop whining about how PCs are better than Macs

Soapbox: It’s the economy, stupid

Every month we invite a member of the industry to anonymously air their grievances about whatever winds them up.

Famous words from Bill Clinton’s campaign about why their guy was going to beat the then sitting president, George W Bush.

People on both sides were talking about this and that, and the real people just cared about their jobs and how much taxes they had to pay.

When I read ‘PC men’, because they are still overwhelmingly men, talk about how the iPad mini is expensive, has low specifications and is unimaginative, and how another device can do all that and more, I wonder if they have ever actually spoken to end users.

I’m not talking about the customers who can actually name the model of their computer case, I’m talking about someone who wants to get home from work, turn on a laptop and surf the net for 20 minutes without having to run updates, or wonder why the fan seems to run at full speed on their laptop, drowning out the noise from the TV. By the way, I’ve never had to run updates on my TV.

The iPad mini will sell in the millions. The people who buy it want something that just works. It would be nice, as an independent computer store, to be able to make some cash when I sell it, but I’ll sell a case with it, and maybe a screen protector.

Stop whining about how PCs are better than Macs, or how Android is better than iOS.
Listen to what the people want, respond to it, and they’ll reward you.

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