Technology is likely to spark a new patent war between the US firm and its rivals

Apple registers wireless charging patent

A recently published patent from the US firm has sparked rumours that its next iPhone device may feature wireless charging technology.

However, Apple is not the first to become associated with the technology.

Nokia’s Lumina 920 smartphone already incorporates wireless charging, instead allowing users to charge the device through the use of a wireless charging pad.

Apple’s technology differs from its competitors due to its contact-free function, meaning that devices are charged without the need for a charging pad, slate or any other additional device.

The patent filed by the firm covers various embodiments of a wirelessly powered local computer environment", which will reportedly use magnetic resonance to wirelessly charge devices up to one meter away.

Interestingly, the patent was originally filed in November 2010 but published just a few days ago.

Its release has lead to speculation amongst industry watchers that wireless charging technology could spark another patent war amongst Apple and its competitors, much like the firm’s on-going battle with Samsung over its smartphone devices.

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