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Scientists and engineers gather to celebrate pioneering machine

Manchester celebrates 50th anniversary of the Atlas supercomputer

This week, the University of Manchester is celebrating the pioneering supercomputer, which was switch-on on December 7th 1962.

At the time, the Atlas was believed to be the most powerful machine in the world and many of the techniques developed for the machine are still in use today.

The Atlas development was intended to produce a machine that could carry out one million instructions per second.

Engineers and scientists who created the Atlas, along with former students who leaned to code on the computer, will be attending Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry to commemorate the machine on December 4th and 5th. There will be talks given about the supercomputer along with an Atlas simulator.

"Atlas was in many ways the most remarkable of all of the machines designed at Manchester," said Prof Steve Furber, ICL professor of computer engineering at the University of Manchester.

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