McAfee protests his innocence and claims to have been violated by the Belizean government

John McAfee starts blog detailing life on the run from police

The murder suspect and founder of antivirus software company McAfee has started up a blog called ‘The Hinterland’, detailing his experience hiding from Belize authorities.

Last week PCR reported that McAfee had been named the prime suspect of the murder of his neighbour Gregory Faull in Belize.

On Monday 12th November, Wired posted an interview with McAfee where he insisted he was innocent and revealed that he feared if caught, he would be killed.

Dozens of entries have been posted on the blog so far, and one states that if he is captured, McAfee has written enough material to keep the blog running for at least a year.

Part of the first entry reads: “With lots of time on my hands and very little to do with it, I’ve been reflecting on the recent detour my life has taken. How did I end up as a murder suspect on the lam?

“The world press certainly has not helped. Autonomous and self-serving, the press does what it does best – sensationalise. And my character and the recent events of my life have been sensationalised to the max.”

Another post reads: “I think I am an innocent person who was violated by the Belizean government.”

McAfee also states that he announced on NBC Television that he is offering a $25,000 reward for the capture of the person or persons responsible for Faull’s murder.

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