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Target's Cory Lees on why negativity doesn't pay

OPINION: Could Windows 8 ruin your business?

Target Components’ Cory Lees tells us why negativity about Windows 8 isn’t going to get you very far…

If this is what you’re thinking – that Windows 8 could ruin your business – then you’re right. It will. The new Windows 8 OS will kill your business within five years, and I can tell you why. Because of you!

Microsoft has released a new, and possibly its most daring, release to date and if you are not going to adapt then you will become a dinosaur in the tech world.

This new OS will be around for the next three to five years, and if you’re not willing to embrace it and learn how to make the most of it then you’re doing a disservice not only to yourself, but also to your customers.

Windows 8 is not just the latest incarnation of OS, it’s also a vision into the future, the future of how things are changing, how the consumer on the high street wants his PC, tablet, phone and everything else in his life to all work as one.

This is a leap forward from Microsoft, and they’re inviting you to join them and learn how it works, it’s wow factor and the easiest way to sell it. This isn’t just another Windows OS. This is not an upgrade, this is a new future and one I am sure that you all want to be part of.

I have collated all the negative comments on our forums and gone through them all with Microsoft, and I can honestly say that Windows 8 does everything you want it to and more. The feature might be in a different place, but it’s there.

So the bottom line is: Do you want to be part of the future? Do you want your business to be thriving in another five years? If so them we invite you to our Microsoft futures training and Shop Talk event on November the 9th, when you will get the chance to learn how to make the most of your future.

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