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Only two per cent of people polled would save their camera

One in Five UK consumers would save their laptop, tablet or phone from a house fire

A new poll from Kaspersky Lab proves we really are a nation of tech lovers.

When asked what they would save first in a house fire, one in five UK adults said they would grab their laptop, tablet or smartphone rather than antiques, special letters or jewellery.

“We are a nation of technology lovers. Where once we might have run back into a burning building to save a treasured piece of jewellery or a priceless antique, we would now prefer to save our laptop, tablet or smartphone.” Said David Emm, senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

“With all our most treasured memories and personal information saved on these devices, it seems crazy that UK consumers are still not protecting them from the silent attack of a cybercriminal.”

The research revealed that despite tech devices topping the poll, 65 per cent on smartphone owners, 16 per cent of laptop owners and 50 per cent of Macbook owners have not taken steps to protect their devices from cybercriminals.

Photography is obviously close to the nation’s heart as 21 per cent said that they would save framed photographs, a number which is destined to fall as the majority of photographs are increasingly being saved digitally.

A mere two per cent of the people polled said they would save their camera, not surprising seeing as most people are content with using their smartphone’s camera.

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