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Here’s some people you might be interested in

Follow Friday: PCR’s list of security professionals

Anyone who follows my Twitter feed – @MattFGrainger – will quickly become aware that I am one of those people who was cajoled in to joining the service and has an instinctive dislike for people who’s thoughts can be condensed in to 140 characters, hence the inactivity.

Nonetheless there is apparently a thing called Follow Friday whereby we recommend people to follow and since I’m on my own, I get the job.

Well, I am pleased to report that there are some interesting people on Twitter, it’s not all Bots and grammatically challenged teenagers, so without further ado here are a few security professionals (some more ‘professional’ than others) that you might want to follow.

Kevin Mitnick: @kevinmitnick

The original hacker menace, and at one point America’s most wanted man. Mitnick spent two years on the run from the FBI while an ignorant media spun tales of him being able to cause explosions by whistling in to a phone. He works in security now.

Eugene Kaspersky: @e_kaspersky

The chairman and founder of Kaspersky Labs and a huge F1 fan. Probably one of the most well-connected security professionals out there.

Stephen Cobb: @zcobb

He’s ESET’s security evangelist and he’s been an authority of software security for over 20 years. Worth listening to.

Patrick Engebretson: @pengebretson

That’s Dr. Patrick Engebretson to you and me. He’s an assistant professor at Dakota State University and he wrote a book called ‘The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing’, which has made him a regular feature on the lecture circuit.

George Hotz: @geoh0t

Known primarily for being the first person to jailbreak an iPhone, Mr. Hotz also made the press when he hacked his PlayStation 3 and got sued for it. He denies any involvement in the later theft of personal details from PS Live and found brief employment at Facebook.

Richard Stallman:

Haha, only joking, of course he’s not on Twitter. That’s how they get to you, man. There’s plenty of spoof accounts though – if you’re interested in what people who use terms like ‘freetard’ think.

Steve Wozniak: @stevewoz

Yeah, I know he’s not in the security market but his Blue Box pranks are legendary and if you’re looking for the thoughts of an engineering genius or a list of all the best restaurants in the world, then look no further than Woz’s updates.

I suppose I ought to add my colleagues too – @helenfrench, @roradrum, @greglockley – even though they’ve left me on my own.

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