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New keyboard claims to reduce eye and neck strain

Display Facebook and Twitter feeds on your keyboard with Smarttype

The Smarttype keyboard has a built-in screen to display what you’re typing and what others are typing to you.

The keyboard, by KeyView, can display what you’re typing, meaning those not so good at touch-typing can look straight at the keyboard instead of constantly moving between that and the screen.

We all know everyone has different typing abilities, but weren’t we taught not to look at the keyboard?

The makers claim that Smarttype ‘should reduce eye and neck strain’ as there will be less back and fourth movement between the screen and keyboard. I can’t say I’ve ever got an eye strain from glancing down every now and then, but hey, maybe my computer set up is just that good…

Another feature of this keyboard is the ability to display various feeds and pin different apps to the screen. This is what will catch people’s attention.

Those who only have the one screen whilst working can simply glance down and see what’s going on in the world of social networking rather than having multiple windows open or tweets and emails popping up on the screen.

Check out the video for the new Smarttype keyboard:

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