A look at why your business should be on Instagram

How to use Instagram to better your business

Most people think Instagram is just for sending photos of your lunch to friends, but this photo-sharing tool can be beneficial to businesses too.

By now, most business owners understand the importance of social media, especially sites such as Facebook, and how it can help to better connect with customers.

With Facebook recently acquiring Instagram, and 40 per cent of the world’s top brands already on the photo-sharing app, businesses should be looking into ways to further connect with their customers through this platform.

Personality and Hashtags

Posting photos to Instagram can help build up a brand’s personality. By uploading photos of your products, and asking customers to post photos too, you can draw more attention to your brand.

Using hashtags to label your photos makes them easily searchable. You can draw in people by being clever with what you tag your pics as. If you take a photo of a printer, put said printer in a field, stick a smiley face on it and hashtag it #printer #nature #technology #smile #fun etc… more people will find it and those people may click through to your site. Be creative, that’s what Instagrammers like.

Testimonials and feedback

If someone loves your, product they no longer phone you up to say how grateful they are, or take the time to send a hand written letter telling you how amazing your product is. Even writing a review on Amazon can be too long a process for most people to bother.

If you post a photo of the product they love on Instagram, people will ‘like’ it and post comments, and all these testimonials will be there underneath your photos for the whole of the internet to see.

Updating all your social media profiles

Instagram is a great way of making sure that all your other social networking accounts stay active and up to date. Rather than trying to remember to log into different accounts and update them all, when you post a photo to Instagram you can automatically share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foursquare profiles.

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