Apple accuses Samsung of copying iOS home screen and icons

Samsung designer: I did look at Apple iOS, but didn’t steal the idea, honest

Samsung’s top designer Jeeyuen Wang has denied copying iOS icons, but admits to looking at products from other companies, including Apple.

Apple has accused Samsung of copying the design of its iOS home screen, icons, and other visual features. Wang insists that looking at products from other companies is all part of the design process.

The designer said that hundreds of people across the globe had worked together on the designs of Samsung phones. She went on to claim that she only had about two hours of sleep a night during the design process, which left her physically drained and unable to feed her newborn child. What that has to do with a copyright patent, I don’t know.

Apple singled out the sunflower icon that appears on iOS, comparing it to the photo app icon seen on Samsung headsets. Wang insists that this image was inspired by a wallpaper image and not Apple’s sunflower.

"At the time, there was a wallpaper that was in the image of flowers for an AMOLED LCDs and everyone in our team kind of liked the image. We had come to a conclusion that we would adopt this image for the icon," said Wang.

The court case between the two tech giants is set to continue throughout the week, closing arguments are set for next Tuesday (August 21st)

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