Meshworm could assist doctors in examining inside the human body

VIDEO: Robot worm survives being hit by hammer

Researchers at MIT, Harvard and Seoul National University have invented a lifelike robotic worm that can survive being stomped on and hit by hammers.

Named ‘Meshworm’, the autonomous robot crawls across surfaces by contracting segments of its body, which is made out of a soft mesh tube wrapped in a nickel-titanium wire.

Because of its ability to squeeze through gaps and survive being bludgeoned by DIY tools, researchers say that Meshworm could be used to help in natural disasters, crawling through debris to find bodies.

The technology used to create the robot could be a step forward in creating next generation endoscopes, to help doctors better examine inside the human body.

Inventers say that Meshworm could also be used for implants and prosthetics.

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