A look at the upcoming changes to Apple's iOS6 and its banishment of Google services

iOS6: Apple divorces Google

Apple and Google have been at each other’s throats for months, only now, it’s starting to spill over into their products.

With the latest beta release of iOS6 now available, many have been quick to point out the operating system’s new features – as well as those that have been dropped.

From the moment the new OS is installed, one thing is crystal clear; Apple is going through a very public split from Google, and it’s had huge implications.

iOS6 has banished the majority of Google’s services, most of which, have been a staple feature of users’ iPhone home screen’s since the device’s launch back in 2007.

Here’s a rundown of what not to expect in iOS6:

Google Maps

Apple’s outright war with search-engine giant Google starts here, with its removal of the company’s maps app, which users have relied on throughout the iPhone’s lifespan.

Dropping Google Maps was a move widely expect from Apple following its recent acquisition of several mapping companies.

Apple’s mapping app will introduce a variety of benefits over Google Maps, particularly, its use of layered images for different zoom levels, which means users will no longer have to wait for those pesky blocks of blurriness to load as they take a third wrong turn.

It will also introduce 3D buildings and long-requested turn-by-turn voice navigation, meaning users will no longer have to face the uncertainty of their best friend’s sub-par navigation skills.


Whilst the removal of Google Maps was widely expected, YouTube’s disappearance from iOS6 came as more of a shock.

The news has split the Apple community, with half lamenting the loss of the app, whilst the other question the need for it. 

Unlike with Google Maps, Apple doesn’t have its own video streaming app to offer, nor does it intend to introduce one. Instead, Google has announced it will be developing its own YouTube iOS app, which will be available for download through Apple’s App Store.

With its own app, the search giant has promised to provide regular updates and improvements, unlike Apple, who showed the app very little love through the years.

It will be interesting to see how this battle between Apple and Google plays out once iOS6 and the heavily rumoured iPhone 5 hits shelves later this year.

Will Apple’s separation from Google boost its dominance within the smartphone market even further, or will it be its downfall, setting the stage for an impressive comeback from Google and Android?

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