Devices can share data without needing to be paired

Chirp app sends photos via digital birdsong

The new app allows data to be sent to multiple devices without a wireless connection.

The software, developed by Animal Systems, plays a two-second long ‘digital birdsong’ which, when heard by another device, triggers a download.

Unlike other data swapping applications such as Android Beam, Bump and Dropbox, Chirp enables users to share photos, as well as web links and text messages, without devices needing to be paired.

A network connection is needed, but the app remembers the ‘chirp’ and will download whatever has been sent once there is a connection again.

"We solve the problem of having to pair devices to move data. It’s fairly novel to be able to transmit information to anyone who is in earshot – a large number of devices can share the same information at the same time using sound,” Animal Systems’ Patrick Bergel told the BBC.

Animal Systems subscribes to a "blacklist" service to prevent users transmitting known pornographic or illegal-content website links. However, it does not plan to moderate other material.

Although at the moment it seems similar to iPhone’s iMessenger, Chirp can send data to any device within earshot, and its makers are already planning to further develop the app to enable users to ‘chirp’ between laptops.

The Chirp app is free to use, but companies will be charged a fee for add-on services.

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