Microsoft will showcase new technology at VIP event

VIP announces Microsoft as headline partner at the Evolution Exhibition

VIP Computers has today revealed that Microsoft will be the Main Event Partner at the Evolution Exhibition in September.

Taking place at the Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester on September 7th, Microsoft will showcase its latest technologies at a break out session at the event.

In the run-up to distributor VIP Computers’ new event, PCR chatted to marketing manager Jason D’Cruz about what retailers can expect on the day.

What made VIP decide to hold the Evolution Exhibition?
A couple of things. Our vendors have been crying out for something different in the channel – there isn’t a lot out there that gives them a good return on investment, in terms of being well thought through. Some people are sick of attending events where the industry just brings two sides together and hopes for the best. We wanted to give increased sales and return on investment.

The vendors have also been telling us that they want to engage with retailers more, so we at VIP Computers thought in addition to the traditional activity that we already do, let’s see if we can deliver something more.

What’s the structure of the day like?
It’s an afternoon event from 12 to 5pm. Running alongside the exhibition, there will be break-out sessions, one-to-one opportunities, the chance to network, and sit down with people from VIP to discuss your business.

The event is subtitled: ‘The future of gaming and technology’ – can you say a bit more about what the day will involve?
Sometimes, if you’ve been to a number of events, you end up thinking you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. So we wanted to give our exhibition a more tightly focused theme. There will be a retro theme going on too, with Pac Man and Space Invaders, for example.

You have a really interesting venue for this event – it’s the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, isn’t it?
Yes, we thought it was a good choice – you can say here’s where we are today, here’s where we were before – it seemed to go hand-in-hand with our theme.

What you’ll get when you come to the event is not only older games dotted about, but also modern up-to- date games and technology. All the latest technologies will be exhibited there. There will be a nice blend of old and new, showing technology at its best and how it’s evolved.

And presumably VIP has got vendors there who will cover a wide selection of the latest gaming technology?
Yes, brands such as AMD, Nvidia, Intel, Asus, Asrock and AOC will be there – and in fact AOC is using the event for an exclusive product launch specifically targeted at the gaming industry.

VIP is also pleased to announce Microsoft as the Main Event Partner. Microsoft is at the heart of technology innovation, so we are excited to have it showing its support for an event that is themed around the evolution of technology.

Why should retailers attend?
We’re inviting key customers, customers with growth potential. What we’re saying to them is if you want to grow your business, particularly in this tough climate, it’s the place to come.

There will be access to manufacturers to talk about products, VIP staff to talk about product range, marketing staff to talk about marketing opportunities, and more. You can find out what gaps you might have in your portfolio, and what products you might want to consider stocking if you already have X, Y or Z product.

So what we’re really saying is if you’re serious about growing your business, grow it with us. Grow with VIP, grow with our vendors.

Alongside invited retailers, you’re also encouraging people to sign up?
Yes, if you’re interested in joining VIP for the event, we’re asking IT resellers to sign up for more info and to register interest at It’s going to be a great day.

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