Intel’s annual Summit revealed a heavy investment in the manufacturing of innovative products.

A look back at last month’s Intel Platinum Partner Summit

This year’s Summit saw Intel focusing on all things ‘Ultrabook’, with an extensive Ultrabook Pavilion in the event’s showroom.

There was an array of products on display from Intel partners, including Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer and Novatech, all of which keen to show how lightweight and portable their products were.

Intel’s European reseller sales manager Tim Black told PCR what all the fuss was about: “Part of the experience here is to focus on the software and the immersive experience of the Ultrabook. Whilst it’s a very nice design, it’s more than just a thin and light notebook.”

“The consumerisation aspect, in terms of the very intense and immersive graphics, is very important. Plus the software management, security and anti-theft features have been built into the specification of the Ultrabook.”

It was clear from the showroom that Intel has heavily invested in R&D along with a strong focus on retail experience. One thing on display that caught PCR’s attention was an interactive sales tool set up in the Ultrabook Pavilion.

Intel’s EMEA sales and business development director Adrian Whelan explained how this changes the experience of buying a new device: “When a customer previously went to into a store to buy a product, we had a lot of feedback from them asking if they could use the device that they were playing around with to actually help them make their final decision.

“If people aren’t technically educated to the level of the assistant they can feel a little bit intimidated, whereas with this they can spend time becoming familiar with the product on their own.”

During the Summit PCR chatted to Rod O’Shea, Intel’s EMEA sales and marketing manager, about why consumers should be thinking about getting their hands on an Ultrabook: “Clearly there is a very well defined form factor with very slim and responsive devices that enable the products to be turned on quickly and respond quickly. But also we have a number of wonderful innovations, for example our own integrated gesture recognition as well as some new ways of communicating with other devices.”

“Intel is focused on the delivery of solutions to consumers and businesses and understands that there is a significant requirement for compatibility of devices,” he explained. “One of the things we consistently get told is that it ‘just works’. That’s a wonderful thing to hear and we want people to have a great experience and responsiveness. We will continue evolving that aspect.”

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