Search engine aims to offer greater depth and breadth of information during queries

Google introduces Knowledge Graph for more intelligent search

Internet behemoth Google has launched the Knowledge Graph – a new function of its search capabilities that claims to offer more relevant information.

The firm says that for the last four decades, search has been about matching keywords to queries, but now it’s going much deeper than that.

It’s been working on a more intelligent model that understands real-world entities and how they relate to one another.

It uses the Taj Mahal as an example on its official blog, pointing out that this will usually be treated as just two words.

But to a person, Taj Mahal can mean a monument, or a musician, or a casino, or even the nearest Indian restaurant. Google wants its search engine to understand all of this.

It says it can now narrow search results down to whatever kind of ‘Taj Mahal’ you mean – users simply have to click a link to see a specific slice of results, rather than everything under the sun.

It is also offering more information straight up with searches. So that if a user searches for Marie Curie (as per the picture above), they’ll also find out about when she was borne and died, and details about her education and discoveries.

Google has just started to roll out this information to US English users, and it will be available on smartphones and tablets soon too.

Amit Singhal, SVP, Engineering at Google said: “We hope this added intelligence will give you a more complete picture of your interest, provide smarter search results, and pique your curiosity on new topics. We’re proud of our first baby step—the Knowledge Graph—which will enable us to make search more intelligent, moving us closer to the "Star Trek computer" that I’ve always dreamt of building. Enjoy your lifelong journey of discovery, made easier by Google Search, so you can spend less time searching and more time doing what you love.”

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