Upgrade scheme for the last few months of Windows 7 PCs.

Windows 8 Pro upgrade may cost $14.99

Microsoft commentator Paul Thurrott has claimed that the Windows 8 Pro upgrade for customers of Windows 7-based PCs will cost just US$14.99.

CNET’s Mary Jo Foley earlier claimed that the Windows 8 promotion would kick off on the 2nd of June with buyers of Windows 7-based PCs able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for a fee. Thurrott’s Windows Supersite later pegged the price according to ‘sources’.

$14.99 is more than the usual ‘free’ upgrade in the last few months before a major Windows OS version but it’s hardly breaking the bank either. It’s not clear if the cheap upgrade applies to any version of Windows 7, Thurrott doesn’t say otherwise.

On that basis it’s a pretty good deal since Windows 8 Pro is the SKU aimed at the tech savvy with a number of additional features including the ability to host an RDP remote desktop session.

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