LG's Korean models make large screen smartphones look like tablets. Oh, they come with 2GB don't you know?

Is RAM the next smartphone spec boost?

System memory could be the new arms race spec for smartphones with Korean brand LG promising to equip the upcoming Optimus LTE2 with 2GB of RAM.

The second generation of LG’s 4G-enabled Optimus phone is another Android 4.0-based handset but far from quietly shipping 2GB of RAM in order to support "high stability and multiple applications at the same time," LG seem to believe that RAM will draw in the punters.

The only other specification mentioned in the Korean news release is the 40 per-cent larger 2,150mAh battery. Android is known for needing a fair bit more RAM than Apple’s iOS but generally 1GB has been the high-bar. More RAM tends to mean apps get switched out less often including the home screen. A symptom of low RAM availability is the home screen reloading when pressing the home key and so on.

RAM would surely be one of the easiest specs to upgrade but even the cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy S III ships with 1GB so it seems that most manufacturers aren’t convinced of the need for more.

That said, the 4G Optimus LTE2 most likely will not be seen on these shores given the lack of 4G network. One LG phone that will is the medium spec Android 4.0 Optimus L7. The 4.3-inch WVGA Optimus L7 is based on a dual core 1GHz CPU and most certainly will not ship with 2GB of RAM.

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