Whilst Government minister Maude warns of Olympics cyber crime

SOCA hit by cyber attack

The Government’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) suffered a DDOS attack on its website late last night.

The distributed denial of service attack took place last night according to a SOCA spokesperson, and the website has since been taken offline, although they say it did "not pose any security risk to the organisation".

Attacks on SOCA in the past have been linked to Anonymous and LulzSec – at this stage it’s unknown who or what has provoked this current round.

This assault on SOCA comes on the back of comments from Cabinet Office minster Francis Maude, talking about potential cyber crime around the Olympic Games this year. He said: "The Beijing Olympics saw 12 million cyber security incidents during their Olympics.

“We have rightly been preparing for some time — a dedicated unit will help guard the London Olympics against cyber attack — we are determined to have a safe and secure Games.”

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