Confusing brand of software, web services and authentication knocked on the head.

Microsoft kills off Windows Live brand

Microsoft announced that the Windows Live brand will be retired in a shake up of the software giant’s approach to cloud services ahead of the release of Windows 8.

Microsoft’s Windows Live group VP Chris Jones, in addition to needing a new job title, pointed out in a post on the Building Windows 8 blog, that Windows Live was a confusing brand that converted software, web-based services and an ID account.

"Windows 8 provides us with an opportunity to reimagine our approach to services and software and to design them to be a seamless part of the Windows experience, accessible in Windows desktop apps, Windows Metro style apps, standard web browsers, and on mobile devices," said Jones.

What that appears to mean is just that the Live brand is going away and will be replaced with a number of super generic and boring names such as Account, Storage/Docs, Email, Calendar, Contacts and Messaging. Microsoft ‘reimagining’ at its best.

It seems that the announcement is essentially a reiteration of the built-in cloud features of Windows 8, as opposed to earlier Windows needing a bolt-on service.

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