They reckon devices will be expensive due to touch-screens and having to pay for that pesky new OS.

Notebook makers worried about Windows 8 demand

Far Eastern notebook builders have warned that the adoption of Windows 8 could be hampered by rising costs such as touch screen displays.

Taiwan-based notebook brands often use the DigiTimes rumour mill to publicly complain about the pricing of various industry partners such as they did with Intel and their ultrabook initiative.

Now it seems the latest price grumbling from industry gossips is directed at Windows 8 with the apparent worry that touch screen displays and cost of the Windows 8 OS could mean that "strong demand may not emerge."

Fitting touch screens in slide and rotatable designs, widely expected to feature in a variety of designs, adds an addition cost as vendors avoid "panel shaking" said the DigiTimes.

Ultimately the fear is that Windows 8 demand may not kick off until 2013. Which isn’t much of a delay really. Such warnings are what passes for complaining about the weather in ever-warm Taiwan.

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