UK distributor will offer the full portfolio of XILENCE products

Meroncourt signs new partnership with XILENCE

German Manufacturer XILENCE has appointed Meroncourt as its exclusive UK distributor.

Many of the products on offer will be attractive to system builders and include power supply units, coolers, fans and chassis.

“XILENCE has an extremely attractive range of high end PSUs, cooling and chassis products, which will allow us to offer a completely new line up to our customers,” commented Steve Walsh, Meroncourt’s sales director.

“We are well on the way to becoming a premium brand and our partnership with Meroncourt will help us to make the step to the next level,” explained PR manager Bastian Fröhlig.

XILENCE is set to launch its Interceptor range of chassis and the XQ range of power supplies this year.

The full portfolio of XILENCE products is available now at

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