Print services company launches site featuring printers being busted up in slow motion. HP smash!

Which sex is better at smashing up printers?

Print services specialist Byte Document Solutions has launched a website called which features videos of printers being smashed up.

Bytes Document Solutions boss Darren Spence said that the videos were an attempt to target "psyche of our IT audience" by using the frustration with poor printing experiences to "appeal to their sense of humour and then offer a serious solution to their business pain."

The firm’s social media campaign asks viewers "Which sex is better at smashing up a printer?" with a Facebook page offering the chance to vote. This, ladies and gentlemenm, is what we call click bait.

There is something immensely satisfying in seeing these clattering relics dispatched in slow motion with precision tools such as sledge hammers. Underneath it all though, the company is hoping to drum up business.

"What’s best about this slightly off the wall approach to getting our message across is that even though we’re part of a £2bn organisation, so are able to offer the financial security…", said Spence before we fell asleep.

Bring back the printer smashing.

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