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Samsung model aimed at disc-less ultrabooks and tablets.

‘World’s thinnest’ external optical drive

Korean electronics giant Samsung has introduced what the firm claims is the world’s thinnest external optical drive for ultrabooks and tablets.

With ultraportables tending towards dropping of internal optical drives, and some suggestion that larger 15-inch models are following suit, the case for external drives may well be getting stronger.

Samsung’s SE-218BB is a particular slender model which is just 14mm high, powering a DVD writer with a single USB port which powers the device and acts as the data interconnect for the 8X DVD+RW writer.

The device will also let Android tablets running Honeycomb 3.1 or above to watch DVD films. Of course it might be rather more convenient to rip the DVD and just stick it on the tablet’s flash memory instead…

The drive is on sale in the US with a recommended price of US$60.

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