Just weeks from the launch of what will very likely be the world's second best selling smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S III unveil for 3rd of May

Korean electronics giant Samsung has sent out press invitations to a London event to "meet the next galaxy", presumably the Galaxy S III, on the 3rd of May.

Expectations are running high of the third-generation Galaxy, given that Samsung has already set a fairly high bar with the dual Samsung Nexus-branded Galaxy Nexus.

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S II is by far and away the most successful Android model of smartphone to date, earlier in the year it was revealed that Samsung shifted 20 million of the high-end devices.

Surprisingly little is known about the actual specifications of the device but it’s pretty safe to assume that they’ll be bleeding edge. A large 4.7-inch screen with 1280×720 pixels is virtually assured and the latest of Samsung’s own-make of system-on-chip, the quad-core Exynos 4415.

Other less obvious features such as a change in the phone design itself, ostensibly to combat the continued gripes of a plasticy build have been suggested, possibly featuring an aluminium unibody.

More recently there’s been suggestions that the Galaxy S III will use a ceramic casing rather like HTC’s recent HTC One handsets. The same tipster that suggested the ceramic design has also indicated that mobile carrier orders for the new handset are running at an all time high.

So the third of May will likely see the launch of what is almost certain to be the world’s second biggest selling smartphone after the iPhone.

The question is, can any other rival Android smartphone maker come anywhere near Samsung’s volume or is the industry set for a two-horse race?

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