Chip giant gets in on the monster enterprise solid state drive market, offering a device that can replace several hard drives.

Intel launches 910 Series PCIe SSD

Intel has launched a PCIe interface SSD drive for the enterprise market dubbed the 910 Series, aimed at data centres and caching.

The SSD 910 Series is available in 400GB and 800GB sizes and is based on Intel’s high endurance MLC flash memory which, Intel reckons, is good for doing 10 full drive writes a day for five years. Not bad.

Even desktop PC enthusiasts with deep pockets may want to sit this one out, however, given that the 400GB model is set to go for US$1,929 and the 800GB model will fetch a cool $3,859.

Rather than bundling up the separate logical drives under one RAID configuration, the Intel SSD 910 offers up multiple drives to the OS so they can be used individually or with software RAID. The 800GB model is good for an astonishing 2 gigabytes-per-second of sustained read performance and half that when writing. Fast indeed.

Intel reckons that one 910 SSD can replace several high-end 15,000 RPM enterprise hard drives which will not only save on space, but also power consumption.

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