Rumoured education tablet arrives, sporting an ultra rugged design and classroom management software.

Intel launches Studybook tablet

Intel announced a ruggedised 7-inch tablet designed aimed at the education market called the Studybook tablet, based on either Windows 7 or Android Honeycomb.

The chip giant’s Learning series already offers desktop PCs in the form of the classmate but the Studybook is the first tablet design the firm is promoting for classroom use. Described as "ultra rugged" and bundled with specialised education software, the device is based on Intel’s Atom Z650 processor.

Intel produced a reference design which is built out of a plastic unibody and incorporates screen shock absorbers in case students decide to play frisbee with the tablet rather than doing their homework. The Studybook is also water and dust resistant.

The software includes classroom management applications, LabCam application and an e-reader and an optimized e-reader. Intel said the classroom software offers a user-friendly interface that "enables teachers and students to collaborate in the classroom for improved learning efficiency."

More than 7 million students are using Intel classmate PCs worldwide, Intel said. The Intel Studybook will off students " limitless opportunities to enhance their learning experience," the company said.

Intel is also offer a "Learning Series Teacher PC" specification which just happens to be dead handy for ultrabooks. The company is making the specs available so manufacturers can get in on the education market.

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