Fibre-based superfast broadband to get a shot in the arm with particularly large increases in upstream bandwidth.

BT doubles Infinity broadband speeds

BT Retail announced that customers of the firm’s Infinity superfast fibre-based broadband will have their speed upgraded by nearly two fold at no additional cost.

The move sees the BT Infinity 2 package move from 38Mbps to a heady 76Mbps, with the upstream also boosted to 19Mbps. The new faster Infinity 2 service now boasts the fastest upstream service of any British broadband.

The cheaper BT Infinity 1 package also gets a particularly hefty upstream boost given it was under 2Mbps and now will be 9.5Mbps. The entry package will also see download speed double to 38Mbps. BT pointed out that the new package "will compare very well with the 30Mbps service offered by Virgin Media" given the faster upstream speed.

From the 12th of April new customers can sign up to packages with the boosted speeds while existing customers can regrade to the faster speeds free of charge. That said the regrade will ‘reset’ the contact period to 12 or 18 months.

“Super-fast broadband is helping people enjoy the internet far more than ever before. However, many providers have forgotten about the importance of fast upload speeds," said BT Consumer chief John Petter.

Petter reckons that fast upstream speeds are "vital" given how people use the internet. Presumably to seed movies they’ve thieved on bittorrent. It can be a bugger to keep up those ratios.

BT said that the Infinity service is available to more than seven million premises in the UK and that the number will rise to ten million this year.

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