In the meantime Kaspersky is offering a free tool to disinfect Mac systems infected with the malware.

Apple working on Flashback malware fix

Apple has published a support page for Mac owners regarding the new Mac malware Flashback, recommending that customers disable Java in order to plug the vulnerability exploited by the malware.

In a terse update, Apple announced that the firm is developing software that will detect and remove the Flashback malware and pointed out that an update released earlier in the month plugged the Java security flaw in OS X 10.6 and 10.7.

Kaspersky said that the number of Flashback bots had dropped from a high of around 650,000 to under 240,000. The security software vendor already provided a free Flashfake removal tool (zip). also allows Mac owners to check to see if their system is infected with the malware.

Dr Web posted a map of the Flashback malware infections, revealing that the majority of them were in the US and Canada.

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