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Peter Molyneux, Cliff Bleszinski and others will aid in game development competition

Gaming legends to gather at the Gadget Show

This years Gadget Show will feature ‘Make Something Unreal Live’, a game development competition that will be supported by a host of games industry legends.

The list includes the design director of Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski; the founding partner of Tenshi Ventures, Ian Baverstock; the founder of 22 Cans, Peter Molyneux; the founders of the ‘Fighting Fantasy’ roleplaying series, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone and the founder of Tower Studios, Jon Hare among others.

They will join the competition advisory board, which will review the new Fighting Fantasy iOS games and use their knowledge to coach the start-up teams.

“‘Fighting Fantasy’ has in the past been used by school teachers as inspiration for creative writing exercises but this is the first time the teaching exercise has been to create a fully-featured video game,” said Jackson. “Ian and I are impressed with what we’ve seen of the students’ work so far, and we are looking forward to seeing the final results.”

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