Apple tablet doesn't support any 4G frequency that will be used in the UK.

iPad ‘4G’ grumbles spread to the UK

The third-generation iPad could also be facing a consumer backlash over the ‘4G’ designation for the mobile equipped version given that Apple’s latest tablet is incompatible with the 4G networks planned for the UK.

Earlier in the week, Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) watchdog took Apple to court over the 4G name badge of the new iPad, based on the fact that the device is also incompatible with Australia’s existing Telstra 4G network.

While capable of using the faster 4G LTE standard, the ‘4G’ iPad has a chip based on frequencies in use in the US market, 700MHz and 2100MHz while Australia’s 4G network operates on 1800MHz. Apple later promised a full refund to buyers of the iPad 4G if they so choose.

Apple also brands the new iPad as 4G compatible in the UK, well ahead of the availability of 4G networks. What’s more, the supported frequencies are once again different from those which will be ultimately used in the UK after the spectrum auction goes ahead.

Pocket-lint contacted British advertising watchdog the ASA, apparently confirming that similar complaints had been made in the UK.

An ASA slap down will probably just mean telling Apple to rename the device. One potential outcome is that Apple also offers a refund to those that bought the 4G version.

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