Reuters quotes a Korean newspaper as quoting an unnamed source, so it must be true. Right?

Dubious rumour of 4.6-inch iPhone 5

The next generation iPhone could have a larger 4.6-inch Retina display according to a Reuters report, citing a South Korean newspaper.

The normally conservative Reuters has apparently placed stock in a report that surfaced in the South Korean Maeil Business Newspaper which suggested that Apple has already placed orders for 4.6-inch screens from Apple’s display makers LG and Samsung.

Reuters also said the device would appear in the second quarter, which is clearly nonsense. The actual article in question states the ‘summer’ which has a rather more plausible time frame, possibly including September and October in line with current expectations.

The question of whether Apple would really leap frog from the relatively small 3.5-inches all the way up to the current monsterphone vogue of 4.6-inches is a matter that PCR will leave for readers to consider.

The Verge published some comparison photos of the iPhone 4 next to a Galaxy Nexus (pictured) which has the same size screen as rumoured.

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