New video processing feature automatically offers to fix videos that appear to be dark or in need of stabilisation.

YouTube offers to fix your shaky, dark videos

Google’s ubiquitous video service YouTube has unveiled a new feature aimed at improving video "awesomeness" by automatically offering stabilisation and colour correction.

"Sometimes videos suffer from symptoms like ‘shaky-camera-itis’ or ‘augmented-darkness-levels’ that keep viewers from seeing just how awesome your video really is," blogged YouTube software engineer John Gregg.

Gregg noted that YouTube introduced the video editor last year and is now adding a feature so that YouTube will automatically offer to repair the video and create an updated version on YouTube after upload.

As an example, Gregg offered links to two YouTube videos of a giant panda. The original shaky video and one that had been stabilised by YouTube’s automatic image stabilisation.

The video service will offer the chance to see the original and the processed video side-by-side before making a decision.

YouTube also published a short video explaining the feature.

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