Former head of Images and Printing group to retire after 31 years of service.

HP merges PC and printer units

IT giant HP is to merge the firm’s PC and printer business units into a combined called the Printing and Personal Systems group.

The new group will be headed up by PC boss Todd Bradley and will rack up over US$65 billion of revenue a year. The former boss of the Images and Printing Group, Vyomesh Joshi is retiring after 31 years at the firm.

"This combination will bring together two businesses where HP has established global leadership," said new HP chief Meg Whitman.

"By providing the best in customer-focused innovation and operational efficiency, we believe we will create a winning scenario for customers, partners and shareholders."

Whitman said that the move to combine the main business units, which will account for just over half of HP’s earnings, is part of a broader reorganisation aimed at "increasing effectiveness and efficiency."

Under the tumultuous and brief leadership of former CEO Leo Apotheker, HP had been pursuing a strategy of shifting towards enterprise software and services and had been considering spinning off or selling the PSG group, the market leader in the PC industry.

Witman reversed the move and assured partners that HP would stay in the PC industry. HP UK business recently announced ten per cent off the firm’s all-in-one Omni 220-1125 Desktop PC. Maybe the next model will have a printer built-in too?

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