Opponents complained as Johnson transferred the official Mayor of London account to his own name.

Boris ‘hijacks’ then releases Mayor Twitter account

The Labour government is up in arms after London mayor Boris Johnson transferred the Mayor of London twitter account to his name.

In what’s been described as a Twitter-hijack, Johnson transferred the 250,000 odd followers to a new account baring his own Twitter handle with the account linking to the Back Boris 2012 website.

The Labour Party London Assembly member Len Duvall complained to the Greater London Authority’s Standards Committee that "this Twitter account was established by the Authority and belongs to the Office of the Mayor of London."

Johnson’s PR team appeared to go into damage control and released control over the @MayorofLondon Twitter handle adding that the mayor "was determined to ensure there was no confusion between him as Mayor and him as a candidate."

"So in case there is even one Londoner who has a problem with what he did, he will not use that account for the campaign and instead can be followed from the political front on @BackBoris2012," they said.

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