Will help the deaf communicate with those that can't understand sign language.

Sign language to text translator app coming

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen are developing a mobile application that can translate sign language into text.

Designed to be used with cameras on portable devices such as notebooks and smartphones, it’s hoped the portable sign language translator (PSLT) can help deaf people communicate with non-sign-conversant work colleagues.

The software is to be capable of translating the various sign languages in use including Makton and British Sign Language and may also be customised to recognise individual gestures and translate those to personalised phrases.

"One of the most innovative and exciting aspects of the technology is that it allows sign language users to actually develop their own signs for concepts and terms they need to have in their vocabulary," said University of Aberdeen lecturer Dr Ernesto Compatangelo.

However the software is some way off and is only expected to arrive next year.

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