Filed patent describes customisable skin for upcoming phones, possibly even an add-on accessorie.

Samsung patents ‘smart skin’ phones

Korean electronics giant Samsung has filed a detailed patent for a ‘smart device-skin’ which will take any digital image and wrap it around the phone as a virtual texture.

The patent, as covered in some detail over at, describes a so-called ‘film layer’ wrapped around the phone which will cover all of the surface other than sockets, camera and front facing screen.

The patent application sets out the ‘smart skin’ as a feature of an upcoming phone although also describes a system where it can be applied to older phones as an accessory. Samsung does not appear to discuss what the display technology might be although one image does appear to show colour.

Rather than appearing to be a purely static effect, Samsung illustrated how the smart skin could render the hair frame of face – with one image suggesting this could be part of a facial expression phone unlock scheme.

The patent was filed in the third quarter last year and has only just become public.

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