Google's Play rebrand sees well-known app icon unceremoniously switched for nondescript "Play Store".

Thousands confused by ‘missing’ Android Marketplace

Google’s rebranding of the Android Marketplace has resulted in widespread confusion as millions of smartphones around the world replace the usual icon with far less descriptive Google Play. reported that the site had received "tons of comments, tips and emails" to the effect that the Android Market had "gone missing" with the belief that their phone no longer had the ability to download applications.

Punters could be forgiven for missing Google’s announcement of the corporate rebranding exercise that will see the Marketplace and various US-only content shops appear under the Google Play banner. Even more so an indistinct set of icons have shown up, one called ‘Play Store’.

In this day and age, many users probably mistook it for the usual sort of random bloatware shovelled on by mobile operators.

The fact that productivity apps can now be found under the ‘Play Store’, with a suitably music/video play-like icon, would certainly seem to be a significant shift in semantic obviousness towards the ‘wtf’ end of the scale.

It’s curious that the same company has been bombarding millions of people worldwide about the now-in-effect consolidated privacy agreement across dozens of Google web services, yet it couldn’t manage an explanatory pop-up on Android handsets.

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