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New research reveals two in five British people are

Bored of Facebook yet?

The latest research from YouGov’s Media Consulting team states that 41 per cent of the UK online population is getting bored of social media.

Just under a quarter of the British online population, who actively use Facebook, state that they now use the site less compared with 12 month ago, and 19 per cent expect to use Facebook even less in one year’s time.

Even with all this negative talk, 65 per cent of UK internet users have been on Facebook within the last month, making it the social media site with the highest percentage of active users. Coming a close second was YouTube with 50 per cent of the UK online population using the site.

It’s not just social media that people are losing interest in, the results from a recent poll by officebroker.com reveal that one in seven office workers are suffering from ‘technology fatigue’.

The poll shows that the humble pen and paper are still necessities in the work place as workers fear data loss and the temperamental nature of computers.

It seems that although people are quick to show their frustration at technology, office workers aren’t so keen on the idea of going back to the typewriter-ages as the poll showed that only 14 per cent wanted to see its return.

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