New chip family aims to accommodate new era of Big Data

Intel unveils Xeon 5 processors

Intel today unveiled its new family of Xeon 5 processors, a series which the chip giant hopes will provide the processing power needed to support a range of future applications.

With a number of improvements over its predecessors, this latest range apparently offers better performance, more energy efficiency, cooler running temperatures, greater security and triple the I/O performance, with Intel saying that it gives ‘the best data centre performance per Watt.’

At the launch, Intel’s UK and Ireland country manager, Graham Palmer revealed that every 600 smartphones or 120 tablets that are bought and connected to the internet require a new server to be deployed, adding that: "Cloud is a phenomenon that’s gaining huge traction and that in turn is putting strain on IT infrastructure."

But along with the increased usage of cloud services for storage is the growing trend of what was termed ‘utility computing’; the process whereby companies or organisations can outsource intensive processing work to companies such as Amazon, which was revealed to have already deployed Xeon 5 processors to help assist the European Space Agency in mapping the stars.

As well as utility computing were many references to Big Data. Intel is the latest leading company to deploy solutions designed to enable the handling and analysis of huge volumes of information, proving that it’s not just a buzzword any more.

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