No upcoming shocks due to new memory formats and physical CPU socket layouts.

Intel to stick with DDR3 and Socket 1150

Intel is to stick with socket 1150 and DDR3 memory, providing no fresh PC upgrade shocks until 2014 according to a Fudzilla report.

Fuzilla’s tech pundit Fuad Abazovic appears to have obtained some details of Intel’s upcoming roadmap which indicates that the chip giant is staying put with existing CPU socket and memory standards for a good while yet.

DDR3 will remain throughout 2012 and 2013, Abazovic said, although a low power 1.5V DDR3L will be supported by Intel’s Haswell in the first half of 2013. Intel’s chipset support suggests that DDR4 will not be on the cards until the introduction of the 14nm Broadwell some time in 2014.

Intel’s LGA 1150 socket seems to be on even longer life support with the 14nm Broadwell chipset also using the same socket as the previous 22nm Haswell.

Abrazovic also reckons that the soon-to-appear Ivy Bridge CPUs will work with the previous Intel 6-series chipsets which appears to alleviate at least some upgrade concerns. CPU and motherboard upgrades will thus not be necessary although of course the additional features of new motherboards sporting Intel’s accompanying 7-series chipset will still be desirable.

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