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Facebook addicts can now stay in touch with 'friends' without a web browser open.

Facebook Messenger client for Windows

Social juggernaut Facebook has officially launched an instant messaging app called Messenger for Windows aimed at letting Facebook users "chat while you do other stuff."

Facebook has long had messaging built-in to the web service itself and had previously released the Messenger app installer without much in the way of an official announcement but now it seems Messenger is going mainstream.

"Millions of people log into Facebook every day to keep up with friends. They also browse other websites and run computer programs, so it’s easy to miss important stuff," said Facebook engineer Jack O’Connor in a blog post.

"You should be able to stay in touch anytime, no matter what you’re doing. So today we’re introducing Messenger, a new app that brings Facebook to your desktop," O’Connor added.

In addition to the usual instant messaging tasks, the new Windows client will also display notifications about new comments and photo tags etc as well as displaying an activity stream of friends.

Facebook said they were working on Mac version. The app can be downloaded from this web page.

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