1.5 million homes to be upgraded to double broadband speeds in 30 towns and villages across the UK.

Virgin begins “Double Speeds” roll-out

Cable ISP Virgin Media is set to begin rolling out a speed upgrade for customers in 30 towns and cities across the UK.

The upgrade, announced in January, will boost 10Mb/sec packages to 20Mb/sec, 20 and 30Mb/sec to 60Mb/sec and 50Mb/sec to 100Mb/sec. Those customers already on a 100Mb/sec package will be bumped to 120Mb/sec but pay less for the privilege.

The first areas to see the upgrade Newcastle, Ashford, Ipswich, Dundee, Belfast and Cambridge, with further customers in other areas to be upgraded automatically as the Double Speeds programme rolls out over the next 18 months.

Virgin Media broadband boss Jon James said that the firm was "committed to providing our customers the best broadband in the UK."

The first wave of upgrades will be seen by an estimated 1.5 million homes while the completed "Double Speeds" will eventually boost the broadband speeds of over 4 million customers.

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