Farnell Premier and RS Components brought to their knees as micro-PC sells out

Demand for Raspberry Pi crashes retail websites

The Raspberry Pi has seen huge demand on its launch day and the level of interest in the low-cost micro-PC has brought down the websites of its retail partners.

The device, which reportedly sold out almost immediately, is the size of a credit card and retails for just ¬£22. It was created by a charity foundation based on an idea from UK video game legend David Braben, and was designed with the aim of developing a cheap PC that would give children an avenue to learn programming. 

This first run of devices is aimed primarily at software developers in the hope that they in turn will create more software for the Debian-based device. However, it has been widely reported in the media and at the time of writing is trending on Twitter, so interest is probably coming from a much wider range of customers than was originally anticipated.

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