Chinese internet users swarm Obama’s Google+ campaign page

Obama’s Google+ overrun as the Great Firewall of China crumbles

Google+ is normally blocked in China, but last week saw an unexpected glitch in the system, which allowed Chinese internet users access to the social networking site.

And what was the first thing the Chinese ‘netizens’ decided to do? They bombarded Obama’s Google+ page with admiration and pleas for help of course.

Since Google+ first launched in 2011, it has been blocked within China by software informally known as the Great Firewall. But this recent outpour onto Obama’s page showed a small glimpse into the pent-up demand for free speech in China, with one comment stating: ‘Many people don’t understand the meaning why all Chinese are coming here. We envy American people, their democracy and freedom!’ Another simply said: "I’d like to grab a bumper sticker in my left hand and a green card in my right hand."

The exact provenance of the internet users cannot be verified, but the expressions contributors used were said to be in the style of mainland China. As well as Google+, other social networking sites such as Facebook along with Youtube are also restricted in China.

So far, the White House has not commented on the upsurge of Chinese interest in Obama’s campaign site.

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